Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scripto P500 Pencil

Here on the left we have a new scripto pencil for my collection. A P500 TRITEX or carded a P509. This is a .05 mm pencil with a sliding sleeve or a lead guard. The pencil on the right is a K21, replacement for the K780 scripto pencil. Rumor was that the K-21 was available in more then the standard 1.1mm lead. I have never seen one. They could have been talking about this P500. It is shorter but the body style is close. Same textured grip at the bottom, same metal pocket clip. The P500 does have a cap over the eraser, K-21 does not. This is a good pencil. Never seem one before. This make 47 different scripto pencils in the supply room.Posted by Picasa

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  1. I have a black Scripto P500 that I bought when I started college in 1991. It's my favorite pencil; have done miles of writing with it. Would love to get a few more - do you have a source that still sells them?