Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pentel 25th Aniversity Sterling Silver Roller Ball

Here we have the newest pentel pen in my collection. On the left is the Sterling Silver 25th Anniversary Roller Ball. This new pen was commissioned and handed out by the President of Pentel back in 1990 to commemorate 25 years of US Pentel. This one has a serial number of 0610. I would guess that there were 1000 pens made. This is a outstanding roller pen and is clearly the top roller in my collection. This pen has a special refill but can be replaced with the refill for the R-4 which is the next pen. This is one of four R-4s, black, red, green and blue. They use refill number #MG8 . The next pen is the 25th Anniversary Pentel Lancelot which I posted back on 5 October. Last pen on the right is the Pentel Excalibur that I bought back in 1977 at Harrod's of London.Posted by Picasa


  1. Where do you buy these, and how much are they?

  2. The Sterling Silver one and the Lancelot came from E-bay. Rest I bought in the 70s. Starting to get a large pentel roller collection.

  3. I have several Pentel pens; three in a case to be exact. One pen and two pencils.
    These pens are old. Sterling silver.
    Should I put them on ebay?

  4. I have a Sterling 25th anniversary commemorative pen in the card in the box and it says 1965 the 1990 and it's in a red case and it writes I don't think it's ever been used how much you pay for it I'll sell it to you my name is Steve Brown my telephone number 614-584-1523 call me