Monday, August 31, 2015

Parkers Again

Parkers are always a popular post and you don't have to say much just show where your collection is. My collection is growing and I am running out of space. It is hard to keep up with the number of new Parkers coming out of India.  The Parkers in the pocket protector are the ones you could call the demonstrators. Red, green, blue and purple. Purple and blue look the same to me but I have been assured they are different. Many collectors want just the ones with the brass fittings where as I go for the different color and designs. Newer Parkers have the plastic fittings. Plenty for all to collect. Add them all to your collection.


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  2. Wow, love your blog.
    I got myself the flower pattern Parker recently from India too. Any idea why those are only available there? Thanks

  3. Hi, I myself am a Vector Series collector from India. Recently I've started the Fashion Jotter series (the ones that you have) and now have around 55 different design limited edition vectors. Can you tell me from where do you source these pens from India??