Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Zebra Collection

Here is my Zebra collection. The multi pens are not included. Most of these are the ones you can buy in your local store. On the left is the new Tele-scopic Brights in their package. Then you have the F-301, an older tele-scopic, The G301, followed by three F-301s, the F-402, F701 and the last two on the right are the ones from Japan that I got from over at Pencils 11. These are the pride of the collection. Of all my ball point pens, these two zebras get the most comments. I believe they are about 10 years old, use the same refills as most of your standard zebras. There is just something about these two that put them at a higher level then the rest. If you only wanted one ball point pen, these two might be the ones to consider. The one with the lines is called the FX and has the sign for yen and 2000. Which is about $18.00. The other has no name or number on it. Both have a rough feeling like the old Fisher Space Pen. These two zebras should be in your collection.Posted by Picasa


  1. You are missing several!!!! The purple m301, m502, the custom m701 (i make these....) and the mini pencil. WAY back, in 83 or so, they had some mini pencils with red or green accents, and the pushbutton caps had a hole in them. KNow anything about these or where to find em?

  2. Germ, This set except for the two I got from you were all that is currently on the shelf at our local stores. Still looking for all the others.

  3. I see you have the F-301 compact also. Isn't that a handy pen? I keep one in my pocket at all times.