Sunday, September 13, 2009

More New Items

The supply room received some new items in the mail this past week. On the left is a small Scan Card notebook with extra cards. Thanks to Patrick over at He is another scan cards user. There are so few of us around. On the right is a BIC Easy Clic Fountain Pen. As with so many neat items this one is not sold here in the USA. I will be opening this item up and using it. Again I will have to look overseas to get refills. Now a update on the Pentel Smash pen and pencil set I posted on 26 Aug. The B1000 ball point is not sold here in the US so I had to look for refills. I found one the fits at Hobby Lobby stores. Item number 423-02BK will fit. The Pentel Smash Ball Point uses a multi pen refill. For store locations go to www.hobbylobby.comPosted by Picasa


  1. Can you give us some background on what a scan card notebook is used for? I believe I have used them before, but mine didn't look similiar to yours at all. What's the 411?

  2. Check my post from 16 July and for a great review see Patrick at Right side click on scan cards.

  3. Hello, The Words in Watercolor URL is kind of weird thanks to blogger... however the correct url is

    I also have used the scancard system and talk about it a little bit over at my blog:

    The scancard system is really cool. just write down a through and file it in the sleeve. When tasks get done, just pull the card out, flip it around and you now have a 'blank' card to write a new task on. The real advantage of the system is the ease of reorganizing or grouping tasks together. The scancard system is fast and easy... and unfortunately, bankrupt.

    Ah well. I hope a programmer takes up the system and makes an electronic task manager as easy to use as the paper scancard system. Until then... I'm using scancard til it breaks.

    --- Patrick

  4. Thanks for correcting me on the site. I agree on the scan card system, it is a good one. I use my system for projects. It works.

  5. I have a bunch of scan cards and a couple different scan card 'jackets/folders'. I don't use them consistently but now and then. It was a good idea.