Monday, September 21, 2009

Scripto P970s

I do love my daily trips to the mail box. In today's mail were two brand new Scripto .07, P970s. One in black and one in maroon. Both still on the card so they are P979s. At the bottom is my original P950. These pencils are made in Japan, and are part of the famous series 9 mechanical pencils from Scripto. There are four in the set starting with the P930, P950, P970 and the P990. Very similar to the Pentel Sharp P205. For those who want all the details on this pencil go over to Roger has some for sale and you can also check E-bay. These pencils are a must for scripto and mechanical pencil collectors.Posted by Picasa


  1. You said 'famous series' can you elaborate?

  2. You have to go to Rogers website to see all four together. The Series 9 pencils I believe are the best scripto had to offer once they got into the Japanese type pencil market. Scripto has made many pencils over the years and the 9 Series were top of the line. I have 45 different scripto pencils and there are many more out there. The only two pencils I would rate higher would be the K780 and 1946 Wordmaster. A set of four Series 9 which I do not have yet is a must for any scripto pencil collector. Also note that scripto does not make pencils anymore so get them while you can.

  3. I wonder if Scripto copied their cushion tip from Faber Castell?