Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Scripto Scriptomatic Pen

Here we have a complete counter top display for the Scripto Scriptomatic Ball Point Pen T707. From the 50s, this set is in great shape. All plastic body except for the push bottom top and the pocket clip. These could be used today. Refills just push into the top clip, inserted into the body and you are ready. One of the interesting thing about these scripto counter top displays is the information on the back of the cards. Information on the pens, reordering instructions and sales tips for the sales clerk. On the back of the display it states" Before demonstrating pen, make several loops pressing ball point firmly on paper" It also states to "Recommend this pen to your customers for:
Non-Smearing, Permanent Writing
Gay Colors
Slim Styling and Economy
These pens were sold in a different time, Counter displays on a counter. Sales clerk demonstrating the pen to the customers. Sales clerk in a suit and tie with nametag. This is why I like the old pens and pencils from the 50s and 60s.Posted by Picasa

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