Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Metal Set

Some time ago I saw someone selling Metal Pilot fountain pens and he had them all together with a few metal pencils, pens in a case like the one in the picture. I decided to do the same thing except they are not for sale. These are all very nice pens and pencils and they are all in the daily rotation. Starting on the left with my two outstanding metal Zebra ball point pens. Won't see these in any store around here. Thanks Germ!!! Next is a Sakura 0.5mm pencil with a  sliding sleeve. I bought this pencil to match up with the two Zebra ball points but I soon found out that this Sakura pencil can stand by itself.  Next are two Newman 0.5mm pencils. Again great pencils from the 1990s and cost about $20.00 each. Now we have my Pilot Switch which is both a pen/pencil and a Pilot HTR 100S-S 0.5mm pencil. My Pentel PD505 metal side clicker is next and I can say that is is one of my best pencils. Again thanks Germ. The next Pentel 0.5mm pencil has the 5 on the barrel but I have forgotten the model number. Last is the Parker Metal Vector rollerball pen. I do not think any of these pens or pencils are current issue. I added four interesting BICs just for some color. If you can find them, add them all to your collection. Posted by Picasa


  1. Nice sleek looking assortment. While I got a couple of metallic-finish mechanical pencils in my collection, I tend to find them a bit slippery during actual use. Thus I find them to be nice collection pieces, but prefer more substantial or functional grips on my drawing tools.

  2. I agree this set may not be good the drawing. The only one of this group that has no grip at all is the Parker Vector rollerball on the far right. The rest do have some grip.