Sunday, May 5, 2013

1st Of May New Stuff

Starting on the left is a nice old pencil case from the 50s. Very simple but very neat. Next is a incomplete set of Pentech Retracto Brites ball point pens. Originally in eight colors and made in Korea. I am missing two of them and the ones I do have do not work. The yellow pen on top which is the same is a model 153 ball point pen that in 2009 was noted by the government run Korea Design Foundation as a design that has significantly influenced daily life in Korea.  Next are two sets of IPens. Made to look like a IPhone. You get three ball point pens, a pencil and a highlighter. Next is a dozen Lindy red 460F Auditors Fine point pens. Some of these pens still work!  Below the Lindys are a dozen of new BIC Medium point blue pens. Nice color. At the top are two Parker non retractable pens with their wood square holders. Bottom left a Papermate Epic ball point pen. Needed one for the collection. Standard Papermate refill and works good. Add all this stuff to your collection.

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