Sunday, May 19, 2013

Christmas In May

Here we have another vintage Wearever Pen Set. I would think early 60s. What a nice Christmas present to get. This set has two ball point pens and two stick pens. Both refillable. Then you have a nice Wearever Fountain Pen with two refill cartridges. Last is a small flashlight. This set has a To and From label on the top left side. The label was filled out and I would guess given but never used. What a shame. All this in a festive Christmas box. Who would not want this gift set under their tree? Add one to your collection. Posted by Picasa


  1. Do all of them still work? I have taken to focus more on pencils when collecting vintage supplies since pens often tend to dry up and are non-functional after prolonged storage. I can always use a graphite product from any era, but I have already had to discard pens that dried up after a few years.

  2. They would work if I had the refills. Fountain pens I don't mess with at all. I just got a Wearever stick pen working just to see how it performed.