Tuesday, June 4, 2013

JetPens Order June 2013

Not the biggest order I have ever made at JetPens but nice items. On the left is a new Uni Kuru Toga blue clear body pencil. Just trying to have one of each type. All great pencils. Next are my new Hi-Tec-C Maica pens. I do like these pens. It seems that Pilot and a few others keep coming up with new ways of housing the Hi-Tec-C pens. Last is one of the new Pilot 2 +1 Evolt multi pens. Nice looking, well made and works fine. A great addition to my growing Pilot collection. As I said, this is not my biggest order but still great items. Add them all to your collection.


  1. That blue Pilot Evolt looks awesome! And one of my go-to pencils is definitely the Kuru-Toga. Still gotta try out the Hi-Tec C though. Thanks for sharing!

  2. The Pilot is nice as is the pencil.