Tuesday, August 9, 2011

More School Supplies 2011


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RF and I went looking for more school supplies and picked up some real nice new items. Left top is Jetpens Quick Dock pentel pencil followed by the standard ones found here in the US. Bottom are the new for this year clear colored US Quick Docks. I only found these three colors. Very nice pencils. Then we have the two pack of multi pens by Maped. GTC clear pencil top erasers. Bottom middle are the new Hot Wheels puzzle erasers. Next is a two pack of Maped black erasers. Last is a new pocket calculator from Office Depot. Go out there and add all this stuff to your collections.


  1. Nice haul George. Where did you find those neat Twist-Erase UPs? I've never seen those before.

  2. Man, you need to start leaving something available for the kids! :-)

    Good to know that Pentel products are still showing up in some Texan stores. Even if only the cheap stuff. We aren't getting none over here, it's been like that for at least a good couple of years.