Friday, August 5, 2011

More New and Old Stuff

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We have three very different items here. On the left are new Hillary Duff pens. I also put the Scripto Twiggy refillable pen next to them so we can compare. Hillary Duff pens are as you would expect for cheap kids pens while the Scripto is made in the USA about 50 years ago and would have been a good pen for someone. On the right is a set of eight Lyra Colorstrip pencils that won the reddot design award for best of the best in 2009. I can see why, they are very nice looking pencils but all I am going to do is keep one of them for my collection and send the rest over to Ricardo. I will let others who use these type of pencils review them like over at Lung Sketching Scrolls. Bottom right is a pen that has been in my pocket for the past three weeks. Back on 20 July over at Office Supply Geek he review a Tactical Fountain Pen. I may have to get the roller ball. This blue Tactical pen which also comes in black and grey is nice. I prefer one that does not have a cap. Caps get lost. This pen is a one piece pen. You twist the bottom half into the top half and you can see the point and start writing. It uses Parker Jotter refills and can be used as a weapon because the top of the pen is serrated. Also on the very top is a small hole that has a glow in the dark insert. This pen has a extra long pocket clip so it fits in the shirt or the side pants pocket. The pen is heavy but is easy to write with. A friend of mine just left to go back to Iraq and I gave him one to take along. After 21 years in the Army I can tell you that our everyday pens and pencils do not work as well when you are in the sand like I was during Desert Storm or during a winter in Germany. Add them all to your collections.

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  1. Being the recipient of your generous offer and after already have done it in private, also wanted to publicly thank you for this. These Colorstrips will be very welcome and certainly much appreciated. A great addition to my wooden pencils collection. Again, thank you so much George!
    Also, the blue tactical pen looks amazing.