Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mad Men Again

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Some of our blogging friends in the pen and pencil area have gotten real jobs because of their blogs. Well down here in the old supply room we also have another job. Providing school and office supplies to the TV show Mad Men. This is our second year. This post is just some of the stuff headed off to Los Angeles. We also repair old pens and pencils that the staff find and verify dates that the pens and pencils were made. This is fun work. Filming of season 5 starts next week but it will not air till next March. I always have a hard time watching the show because I am trying to see the pens and pencils in the actors hands or on their desks. This is a great show that takes place in the 60s. If you have not seen it rent the DVDs and watch the pens and pencils.


  1. I had read articles of how Mad Men strives for authenticity in the look and ambiance, but I have to admit. It did not occur to me to think about their pens and pencils. Totally cool. I will have to pay a bit of attention when I get to watching.

    Best, and keep on blogging.

  2. Did you supply them with the Blackwing pencils they used in season... 1 or 2, I think?

  3. that is cool, way cool. Mad Men cool. and that says a lot!

  4. Still could not correctly identify any writing instrument used in the show so far. I sometimes think so, but nevertheless... is very difficult.
    Good to know that the production turned to a collector and enthusiast instead of having recruited the services of a professional pen restorer or an employee of some writing instruments company willing to earn some extra money on the side. Gestures like this are what sometimes makes collecting so interesting and so rewarding. Hats off to them.