Monday, August 15, 2011

New Plastic Box


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Today I went by Lowes to pick up something for the house and never did find it. What I did find are these great plastic boxes with the colored pencils all over the top and sides. Does not look like the pencils will rub off. These boxes are about 12" long, 7" wide and 5" deep so they will hold plenty of stuff and down here in the supply room we have plenty of stuff. I am going back tomorrow and two more. $3.50 each. Add them to your collection.


  1. ooh I like these! Too bad the closest Lowe's to my house is across the GW bridge into NJ.

  2. From a fellow Texan up here in Cowtown:

    Thanks for the mention. I would never have spied this little goodie in my treks to the big box home improvement stores. I mean, who knew? They were conveniently tucked away at the end of the home organization aisle. But I was so not gonna ask for help locating them. Meanwhile, I found a nifty little set of carpenter pencils that don't have to be sharpened. Capped the purchase off with a pocket size pair of locking pliers. Call me a satisfied shopper :)