Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Winners of the Pentel P217 and Scan Card Update

We have had plenty of good luck this year down in the supply room so I picked two winners for the Pentel P217 Pencil. Comment number 3 from Nandan and comment number 5 from Fred. If you two email me at with an address the pencils will be on their way. I also got this note from Gwen concerning the ScanCard system. She stated that If you're still interested in the Scan Card system, go to http:/ and let Derek Williams know. He and his father created the ScanCard system. We have had plenty of emails about this system down at the supply room so email Derek and let him know we would like to see the Scan Card system make a comeback. Thanks Gwen for the update.

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  1. Very nice collection! LOVE all the colors!

    See, I finally went to your blog! :))