Saturday, August 21, 2010

New Items For The Supply Room

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It has been another busy week down in the supply room with plenty of new stuff to post. On the top left I received a Pentel recycle bin with pentel pens from Derek who is just getting started with his collection. Next we have the pentel P217 pencils that I picked up. From Australia a four pack of Pentel R-50 rollers, a three pack of BIC clicks. The orange BIC click next to the pack is an original from about 40 plus years ago when these pens were sold here in the USA. The pen was disposable so not many have survived. As you can see they are still being made and sold overseas but not in the USA. Next is two packages of black and blue BIC fine point pens with the yellow barrels. Another pen that was sold in the USA but no more. Next we have 2 purple and 2 green BIC crystals from down under. The purple ones are outstanding. On the right is a set of 3 pens called Robotic pens by CCL. Have not had time to open them up. Add all these fine pens to your collection and again my thanks to Derek and Dora.


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  2. Those Bics are great! You know, just this morning before I read this I was wondering if they ever made purple Cristals. I'd love to get some of those Cristals you have. I'm going to have to check eBay for some of those. I'd also like to get an orange barrel bic someday. Glad you like the Pentel RSVP case!