Sunday, August 8, 2010

2010 School Supplies

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Its that time again to go looking for school supplies. Here is what I have picked up so far. The big set is a Pentel with 35ea S360 marker pens and 5ea S512 Highlighters which I have not seen before. Got the set on EBay for $2.00 plus shipping. The 3 items on the bottom left are from Big Lots. I go by each year and always pick something up. The Papermates are new this year and are nice. The pencils are .07mm and look like a Tikky. The pencils also come in .05mm and have a white body. The Papermate ball point pens are all metal and are also nice. The three pens in the bag are from Mad Men and are being repaired and sent back to them. Add them all to your collection.


  1. I got a great deal a few weeks ago on Papermate Retractable Pencils. They had a pack of 30 for only $1 at Walgreens, so I bought 2-packs. What am I going to do with 60 retractable pencils?! I just bought 10 Pilot Precise V5 pens on sale for 50 cents a piece at Walgreens today as well, along with a 6-pack of Papermate Mirado pencils for 39 cents.

    By the way, did you ever find that Pentel Recycling Bin? I found it online too, just in case you can't get it at your Office Depot.

  2. Sorry to jump in, but where did you find the Pentel Recycling Bin to buy online? I saw it on the Pentel website today but it comes with pens already and I'd really love to be able to buy one or two without.

  3. Pentel USA website is where you can buy the recycling bins. My Office Depot does not have them.