Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Parker Jotter at 20

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We made it to 20. There are more colors out there somewhere but for now we will be happy with 20. Add them all to your collection. Time to move on to other items.


  1. Greetings - great site and info. I am glad to see others that share my passion about pens. Have you seen anything about the Jotter Stainless Steel model and what to do, if anything, about how it becomes too slippery. I love this pen, mine has gold trim, but I have big hands and the grip becomes too slippery.



  2. No I have not heard anything. I also have one with the same problem. They are too slippery.

  3. Where is the best place to find some of the less common colors (obviously you're the one to ask!)? A few years ago I saw some wonderful finishes on the Jotters (light blue, green, etc.) and now I wish I had snapped them up. Can't find them anymore.