Monday, July 26, 2010

60s BIC Pen Dispaly

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What a find. A 60s BIC pen counter display with two original boxes for the fine point yellow pens. This display has eight slots for the old 1 dozen BIC pen boxes, the new current boxes are to big. The two in the front are for the 25 cent BIC yellow fine point and the other six slots are for the BIC Crystals. The display is all metal and a good 40 plus years old. A great addition to the supply room. The yellow BIC pens in the box on the front left are the type that would have been there originally. The yellow fine point BIC pens are only made overseas. Our loss. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Those fine point yellow pens were pretty good school pens. They had fairly reliable ink flow back in the day.

  2. There were some yellow and white versions which I used for accounting purposes. I recall one had a short cap without clip, and had the removable clip and a superb fine point.I only saw us bookkeeping or financial geeks with these pens.

    Anybody else remember these? Where can you find them in the USA?

  3. The accounting BIC you should still be able to get from your local store. They may need to order them. I think black ink only. The yellow ones are no longer made in the USA. But you can still get them on EBay from overseas.