Friday, June 4, 2010

More Stuff

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Lets start on the left with the outstanding 1984 Pentel catalog. I will be showing pages from the catalog in the future. It is a must have for Pentel collectors. The green pen on the catalog is a all metal Pentel multi pen with .05, red ink and black. It will take Sharbo refills. Have never seen one of these before. Made for and sold through Burberrys of London. All instructions are in Japaneses only. In the middle top is a new Parker Jotter in off yellow and a new Parker Vector roller. Middle bottom a Mitsubishi roller and to the right is a Pentel roller RXT 20 Excalibur, both older pens. Right side is my newest Jetpens order which includes a Campus notebook, Uni-ball Alpha Gel Kuru Toga pencil and the Tombow Zoom 505shA .05 Pencil in brown. All nice but the Tombow is outstanding. Add them all to your collection.

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