Sunday, May 23, 2010

Papermates Best Years

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We are taking about 1957 to 1970. They had gold plated pens with diamonds where the hearts on the pocket clip are but these pens in the picture are what most of us used. On the left is the Papermate button retractable with the plastic bottom half from about 1958. Next is the gold color retractable from about 1957. Then comes the 1959 Capri III, Good pen. Next is the Papermate 98 button retractable. Push down on the top and the point comes out. Little button above the pocket clip was pushed to retract the point. This pen was made from 1959 to 1970 with over 100 million sold. Another good pen. The small one is the Lady Capri made from 1957-1963. The next three are different types of the Contour to include the Ops N Pops. Followed by two of the Papermate Profiles. I have the thin and the middle size, missing the fat one. Over on the right is carded Malibu with the famous Piggy-Back refill. Most all the pens in this picture used this type of Papermate refill. The small Lady Capri used only 1/2 have the refill. I do not believe that this refill had more ink them a regular one but it made money for papermate. These pens were all your common ones. I am still missing a Papermate Holiday and a few others. I recommend you get them all. Good pens.


  1. Hello, George:
    I collect Paper Mate Ballpoints from the '50's and '60's-Capris, Holidays, TuTones, 98s. I am looking for a dark blue 98 to complete my collection.
    Do you have one for sale?
    I also have a collection of Scripto retractab;e ballpoints and mechanical pencils-all in working order. I would like to get a couple of the Wearever Vu lead pencils I saw on your site.
    Please let me know whether any of your items are for sale. thanks.
    Donald Nowve
    212 662-0249
    Best e-mail contact address is

  2. Hi
    I have a medium-dark papermate pen on ebay under the heading papermate duo pens. don't know if it's a 98 or a malibu.

  3. Good question. Looking at eBay I would say Malibu. 98s had the button on the front on top od the pocket clip however I have seen Malibu's on cards listed as 98s because that is what they cost. I call those pens of yours Malibu's.

    1. Sorry to add to the confusion, you are generally correct, but the "Piggy-Back Pen" later called "Malibu" was also called the "Ninety-Eight Pen". Here's a pic showing the same pen, different names.

  4. You are so correct. I have seem them by all three names and Papermate is was not the only company to do this. Scripto was another. I like the name Malibu myself.

  5. Greetings from upstate NY. I wonder if this blog is active still? My mother had a lavender/lilac malibu or piggy-back Papermate ballpoint pen for 50 years. She was given it by her late best friend when she graduated high school in 1971. Just this year it has somehow come up missing. We have looked everywhere and are unable to find it. I am hoping perhaps you have one for sale or somehow can assist me in finding one for her for Christmas? I know it won't be the same but I still think she would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your help :)