Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fathers Day Jet Pen Order

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Here is what I ordered and got for Fathers Day. On the left is the Pilot Choose Gel Ink Pen in violet, Towbow Mono Zero Eraser and a refill. Next is Zebra Sarasa Push Clip five pack, Pentel Ain lead, Ohto Promecha 1007 Pencil, and last the Zebra Flos Desk Ballpoint pen. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Pretty good stash for Father's day. What a coincidence, I just got a Mono Zero 2.3 mm eraser with refills myself. Pretty happy with it so far. While I have looked at the Ohto Promecha models in the past, I have never been tempted to order any after reading their reviews.

  2. The Mono eraser is nice. I also like the Ohto Promecka because of the way it covers up the point. I carry these type pencils in my pocket and I do like this one. I was also impressed with the Zebra Glass Desk pen and stand. I do like Father's Day.