Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Pentel Orenz Pencils

Here we have all the Orenz pencils to date except a few of the two tone pencils. Starting on the left you have the all metal PP1002G, orange rubber grip PP603G, two of the original pencils PP503, PP502 then the two tones pencil, PP502, and two PP503s. Now we add the Black 0.5mm PP505 and the Blue 0.7mm pencil PP507. The leads are very hard to break with this new Pentel mechanism.

 The two new ones are a welcome addition to my collection and for the Orenz lineup.

 Pentel has now added a high end pencil to their great line of pencils. Here is the all metal Pentel PP3003 Orenznero. I think this new high end model only comes in black. I like fine point pencils and this one works great. Price is between $75.00 to about $110.00 where I could find them on the web. I paid about $100.00 and it got here from Japan in about a week and a half. This pencil also comes in 0.2mm.

 This pencil makes using a 0.3mm pencil flat out fun. Add one to your collection.


  1. Wow, that is a lot of Orenz pencils! The only one I ever reviewed was pink and I gave it to my niece.

  2. That all metal one would make a fine addition to a growing collection.

  3. That Pentel PP3003 Orenznero is gorgeous.

  4. It is a great pencil. It was time for Pentel to come out with one that will be put into the collection. I do like writing with 0.3mm lead.

  5. I have the PP502 .2mm. I can not get it to work. I can push the lead out but as soon as I put pressure on it, it falls back inside. I took all the lead out and tried to put a new one in but it will not take it. What do I do?