Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pentel P200s

Here is a updated picture of my P200 collection. New one in this case is the Blue P217 bottom right. That completes that set of three.

In this case the top row is just about all new. the eight from Switzerland and the completion of the four marbled P205s. Bottom row starts with some new P205s and extra P205s, P2017s and P209s. I have these out because there is a new blog that lovers of Pentel 200s need to go look at, This blog is the place to go for detailed information on the P200 series of Pentel pencils. Jimmy, the creater of this blog visited down in the Supply Room a few weeks ago and brought most of his collection along so we were able to lay both collections out.  A little trading went on and plenty of good discussion about Pentel pencils. Always nice to show off the Supply Room and see other collections.

 Here on the top row are some of the new ones. Add all these great pencils to your collection and visit

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