Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New Pentel Graph 1000 Pencil

 I have a new Pentel Graph 1000 to add to my growing collection. I know have seven different pencils. Starting at the top we have the Graph 1000 For Pro. All my Graph 1000s are 0.5mm. Next is a Graph 1000 Limited, then there is the Graph 1000 CS, Graph 1000 STEIN is next in line, followed by a Graph 1000 Limited with black components, next is a Graph Limited in a pastel lime color which is very hard to read. Last is the new Graph 1000 Limited 70 Years SINCE 1946 with gold components.

Close up of the first five.

 Close up of the last two. All these pencils are selling out quickly so pick up yours soon. Add them all to your collection.


  1. The original for Pro is actually my favorite MP lately. I like the feel of its barrel finish and grip better than some of my Limited Edition colors. I find alternate shiny grips to feel rather slippery by comparison to the original. Thus I can't justify investing more into a "collector's" item that actually under performs the original model.

  2. The one with the black grip and green pads actually looks pretty cool though. Nice job on the collection!