Thursday, March 23, 2017

New Wearever Pencil

Wearever Trans View mechanical pens were the alternative to the famous Scripto K780 in the 60s and early 70s. The Scripto won and has been very collectible over the years but so has the Wearever Trans View pencil. I had 13 and have just added a 14 which has a little different eraser holder. This new one appears to be brand new. What a find. These pencils came in blue, clear, yellow, green, orange and blue. The Wearever solid color along with the Scripto solid color pencils don't seem as collectible as the clear ones.

The new pencil is orange has a black enclosed cap for the eraser. I would bet that some of these have advertising on them. Scripto did the same thing as you can see in the last picture. All these pencils use the same size lead, 1.1mm and the same eraser. All my pencils work but because of their age some work better then others. Time and where they were stored plays a big part. This new Trans View does not have a removable pocket clip like the standard ones do.

Here is a Scripto advertising pencil along side the Wearever Trans View. Add all these great pencil to your collection.

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