Monday, March 20, 2017

The Newest BIC 4 Way

 How long has it been since BIC came out with the BIC 4 Way pen? In the old days it was a blue barrel for medium point and orange barrel for fine point. Now I have about 55 different barrels not counting this new pen. BIC took away the green ink and replaced it with a 0.7mm pencil. Added the grey rubber grip on a clear barrel and you have one of the best new pens for 2017.

Works like any of the new multi pens on the market.

Basic instructions that will show you how to add one new piece of 0.7mm lead.

I have been using this pen all week and it works. everybody had a BIC 4 Way pen. Add this new one to your collection.

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  1. I really like the (Japanese) 4-Color Grip pens - much more comfortable to hold and write with than the original hard design which dates back to the '60s. I've bought the blue and orange versions from sellers in the UK (only the black/gray has been available in the US). I plan to hold onto them and refill with quality French refills as needed and as long as the pens will hold up. Interestingly, some newer models are made in Tunisia and use the original design as the basis (they have smaller diameter body).