Friday, July 17, 2015

Pentel Statue of Liberty Set

I have been doing some trading with a fellow Pentel collector over the years from the east coast and I will be posting some of the items that I have received. Here we have the Pentel RC Statue of Liberty pen and pencil set. This set has never been used and includes the free Statue of Liberty pewter pin. The pen is a RC-20 clicroller and the pencil is the PC-255 clicsharp. The pencil is 0.5mm and has the vanishing point. When the point is extented for use a click of the pocket clip retracts the point. The pen requires the CFL6 refill that Pentel no longer makes so the cost on eBay and other sites is about $10.00 each. If you ever used one before you know why is it well worth the $10.00 cost. This is one of the most collectable of all the Clicroller sets. Add one to your collection.

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