Saturday, July 4, 2015

Pentel R-3s

Here we have five versions of the Pentel R-3. Starting on the left we a R-3 that has a small P on the pocket clip and right below the clip it has Pentel, Japan on the barrel. The next one has Pentel, R-3 and Japan right below the clip on the barrel. The third one has Pentel Japan on the barrel below the clip. Next we have what is called the second generation R-3. This one has a P on the top of the cap and Pentel Japan and in this case Disney on the back of the barrel. Last one is called the third and final version of the R-3. On this one the top of the cap is black and has Pentel in bold lettering just below the clip on the barrel. I also have a few second generation R-4s in blue and black. I have not seen a listing or a catalog for these second and third generation R-3s so I do not know if there are more out there. Everyone should have a R-3 in their collection.

Here are the tops of the five R-3. All these pens use the Pentel MG8 refill and can be bought at many different places to include EBay. Add all these great pens to your collection.

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