Saturday, July 11, 2015

Counter Top Wearever

One of my biggest collections are cardboard, plastic and metal counter top displays. This great example is a Wearever Fountain Pen display. This one is made of cardboard and is in perfect condition. I do not have the correct Wearever fountain pens but I found two school Wearever pens to put in the display. These pens are a copy of the Sheaffer school fountain pens we all grew up with. To display these counter top displays I mount them all around the walls of my office so I can just sit at my desk or at my computer and just look at them. When you get old you have more time to do this. This display makes 44 in my office. Add them all to your collection. Go over the Pens and Pencils and see a great review of one of my Pentel pencils. The Old Geezer does it again.

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