Thursday, June 11, 2015

Old Stuff From The Desk

Anytime I can pick up a mixed bag of old items from a desk I do. The four stationary items of interest from left to right are a carpenters pencil sharpener, then a Eagle Pencil Co. old compass. Not sure of the age but I would think 40s or 50s. Next is another Scripto all metal 5-47 from the 40s or 50s. This is the second one I have picked up this year and it is not in as good of shape as the first one. The 5-47 was listed as a office pencil and the more common 4-47 was listed as a pocket pencil. Last is a Eagle Turquise "Automatic 3377" 2mm pencil which is in great shape. The other stuff is a collection of things the owner used and kept in his desk. Add all these old stationary items to your collection.


  1. Yes it is. I was after the scripto 5-47 but all the stuff is nice.