Friday, June 26, 2015

Wearever Flipit Ball Pen

Here we have two different versions of the Wearever Flipit Pen. The yellow one with the silver color clip was just added to the collection. The blue version with the gold color clip has been in the Supply Room for some time.  The Flipit was an all plastic model with a lever or peg on top of the cap.  When the lever was pushed to one side the point came out. Push the lever back up and the point retracted. This pen came in many colors and sold in 1955 for .29 cents. Most of my info on the pen came from my favorite book on Ball Point Pens. The Incredible Ball Point Pen by Henry Gostony and Stuart Schneider. I am currently using the yellow one and the Fisher 4 and 1 refill works fine in these pens. Add one to your collection.

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