Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Tactical Marker

 I do like getting in on new stationary items from KickStarter and here is a good example. This is the Tactical Marker by Bobby Davis. This marker uses the Sharpee metal refillable refills and when closed it is over 6" long. This is a big pen. You also can screw the back piece off and screw on the ice breaker point or the hammer end. You can also change out the pocket clip for the leather strap. This will make a great EDC pen. They had an additional part for a little more so you could also use G2 refills. For me the pen is just to big for general writing but a great size for a marker.

As you can see in this picture the black marker tip. The refill screws into the body. I am hoping that Sharpee comes out with some different colors for their pen. Add this great pen to your collection.

1 comment:

  1. I like that tactical pen. Very cool. I already have a Stainless Steel Sharpie, so that'll have to do for now.