Tuesday, July 9, 2013

New Neon Lamy

There are always plenty of good posts when it comes to Lamy Safari fountain and rollerball pens. I just received the new neon rollerball and ball point pens this past week and in the rotation they go. These new colors are great and for those who are interested the new neon yellow pens will light up under a black light. I don't have the fountain pen yet but I will and before they are all gone. Only the pink and orange pens in the picture are fountain pens. I was to late in trying to get pink, orange and blue Lamy rollerball pens. As a rule down in the supply room I do not use fountain pens because their are just to many pens in the daily rotation but on my last JetPens order I picked up some refills and the orange fountain pen is now being used. These are all great pens and should be part of your collection. PS, if anyone wants to trade a rollerball for a fountain pen in orange or pink let me know.

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