Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Scripto Pencil

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Here we have a dozen Scripto Trek 0.5mm pencils from 1991. This is another old scripto pencil that I did not have in the collection. I picked up a dozen so if one is needed in your collection just let me know. The pencil comes in four colors, white, black, red and blue and they all seem to have a sparkle about them, something in the colors. The pencil has a sliding sleeve and a twist eraser that is about one inch long. Model number is a P250. There is however another scripto pencil around that looks like a Pentel P205 and claims to be a P250. I will have to investigate. Overall a good plastic scripto pencil. If you need one for your collection just email me at moose@hot.rr.com and tell me the color. What a nice Christmas present. Add them all to your collection.


  1. where in heavens name did you find this....most i find anywhere are pilots and papermates and the occasional pentel

  2. Send me a email and I will send you some. moose@hot.rr.com