Monday, November 29, 2010

Just In Time For Christmas

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Just in time for Christmas back in the 1940s. Here we have a outstanding Christmas Scripto pencil set. The pencil is a P-3-45 and used 1.1mm lead. It is in good but not great condition. The top where the eraser would fit is loose. You can still twist the top to move the lead in and out but I am afraid it is not for daily use. This Christmas gift set had a box of 1.1mm lead and a box of erasers. I do like the pocket clip. I have never seen a scripto clip like that. I may start adding more of these 1940s and 50s scripto pencils to my collection. Add one of these sets to your Christmas list this year.


  1. I have the same exact lead( used) about 7 leads left.
    Maybe we can trade pencils.

  2. Email me at with the details.