Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Old Pencil Box

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Here we have another old pencil box from the 60s. Somebody cut the card so we will never know what the complete one looked like. Do not know much about this pencil box. It was made by the Commonwealth Plastics Corp. Leominster, Massachusetts. model 558-B. You grab the box at both ends and pull out. Came with two wooden pencils, a 6" plastic ruler and a plastic pencil sharpener. Not much room for anything else. Add one to your collection and Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. That would be cute decorated with sharpie to look like an old fashioned Cadillac! Do the two ends actually push together to cover that gap in the middle? If not, it seems like pencils that had been sharpened down too short would be at risk of falling out.

    Daisy McCarty
    San Diego Office Furniture

  2. The two ends would be pushed together to close the box. Two new or sharpened pencils will fit but that is all. The box is to small but it is in great shape for 40 plus years old.