Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Woolworth Book Rest

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Here is a great example of a 70s book stand. Made by Woolworth Company and sold through Woolco stores. This carded book stand has a great picture of a young lady with a early 70s hair style to match. Many of the old office and school supply items had great graphics and do reflect a different time in our stationary history. All this for .88 cents. Stand was made in Hong Kong and is the last of the office supply box I got for $1.00 plus shipping. Add one to your collection.


  1. As wholesome as Mom and Apple Pie :-)

  2. I got two of those. From mom. No package, just the ends.

  3. These were also sold in the UK and I got one as a Christmas present. A sad present for somebody who was then in his mid twenties! It was used for years but had a bad habit of falling over when used for thick paperbacks.