Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Belmont School Pak

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Here is a nice set. A Belmont School Pak that was sold through Rexall Drug Stores. This Pack is all US made and is probably from the late 60s maybe early 70s. Pencils are made by Pedigree and the ruler is made by Hasbro. It appears that the roll top pencil box is also Hasbro. The pencil box is a different model that the Hasbro box I posted on 3 March. The set has a pen, pencils, colored pencils, ruler, pencil sharpener and the roll top box. Sold for .98 cents but has a discount sticker on it for .49 cents. This is the way to send your kid to school. What a deal and all made in the US. If you can find one add it to your collection.


  1. You're going to get me in trouble. I already have to justify basic pen/paper purchases to my girlfriend and, when you finish each review with "you need to add have this in your collection," I feel like I need to have it in my collection, and buy it. This is a sweet set, too.

  2. Don't mean to get anyone in trouble. These sets are nice. These items are getting harder to find and as I say "you do need to add them to your collection". Thanks for the comment.