Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hasbro Roll Top Pencil Box

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Here we have a Hasbro roll top pencil box from the 60s or early 70s. Hasbro is the parent company of the Empire Pencil Company and Petigree. US made and very collectible. The hardest one to find and most expensive one is the Sterling Plastic Company model #526 which I still do not have. Another one would be the Bakelite roll top box.The last new Sterling Plastic one on EBay sold in September 2008 for $81.00. This Hasbro in the picture is a nice addition to the collection and is in excellent condition.This one even came with the original 6" plastic ruler. Unlike Sterling Plastic, Hasbro does not put model numbers on their items so it is harder to find out what they were making as far as school supplies go.These types of US made roll top pecil boxes are very collectible and should be in your collection.This is the first of about six posts about old school supplies and maybe a give a way.


  1. George, I remember having one like in your picture. Do you have any idea where I might be able to buy say -3- ?

    Thank you for any help,


  2. Unless you can find them in your area you are going to have to visit ebay and wait. Plastic roll top pencil boxs are hot items and do not last. Good Luck

  3. Hello, my Mom gave me one of these the other day. I am wondering if you know what the stamp on the bottem means? The stamp is ink and has the number 29 in a circle. Thank you.

  4. Not to long ago someone was selling a Sterling Plastic roll top pencil box. It looks like this Hasbro plastic box but does cost more. I have a large Sterling Plastic collection but no roll top box.