Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Pens for "Mad Men"

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A few weeks ago I was contacted by the Property Master for the AMC TV show "Mad Men".They wanted some older working pens. I put together these ten pens as a start. They have already requested more. All are required to work and they do. Pictured are four Sheaffers, three Papermates and three Scripto. The scriptos are the hardest to get to work and the cheapest. If we were talking about the early 70s the scriptos would not be a problem but scripto pens from the early 60s and late 50s are harder to deal with. If you lay out five of the same scriptos the replacement refills may not all be the same size. I use Fisher brand refills because you can cut them off for the right size but even that sometimes does not work. This has been big news around the supply room and I do appreciate that people are reading the blog. We are also looking forward to seeing our pens on TV.


  1. Sounds exciting. Congratulations on getting that gig!

  2. Wow, who'd have thought that blogging would eventually help you break into the TV market. I know a family that owned a period car that was used in a movie about JFK. Got a nice paint job out of the deal if I remember correctly. Are they recompensing you in pens or are you going for some green?

    D. McCarty
    San Diego Office Furniture

  3. The pens arrived and they are perfect!

  4. Mad Men is the one show I never miss. The pen bug hit me between seasons. I would have been interested in looking at the pens this upcoming season, now I'm doubly interested!

  5. NO WAY!!!!! Very cool. I am glad your passion will be of some use to the "normal" world. A kind of validation if you will, and a justification to increase the monthly budget, too. LOL.