Sunday, December 6, 2009

New Order from JetPens

For Christmas I got to order from JetPens. Thanks family. The package got here in 3 days. I do like those new Pentel Tradios from France. By the time I ordered they were already out of the Blue and Red Tradios.Posted by Picasa


  1. That is too funny about the Tradios. Not just because I wanted the blue and red like you, but I ordered the exact same three others that you did - green, yellow, and brown. :)

    One issue I'm having - the cap doesn't like to stay posted on the green, but the yellow and brown don't have that problem.

  2. That is funny. I however could not wait so I orderd a red and a blue tradio from e-Bay. These new tradios use a different refill then the standard ones. Pull out the little spring and all refills will fit all the pens. Check e-Bay there are at least 20 more colors of tradios. They are a great pen. Glad to see JetPens stocking the French ones.

  3. Nice haul, love all the different colors. I just ordered from JetPens, incuding a Tradio. As I'm reading lots of ghost novels right now, I bought the gray one. Keeps with the mood. :)