Monday, November 30, 2009

Pentel Super Multi 8 HP803

Here is a pentel that I have been waiting on. The pentel HP803. At the bottom is the HP158 and I will start with that one. Sometimes called a bible highlighter, it has 8 different color 2mm leads. There appears to be three in the line of HP 800 series multi pencil/pens starting with the HP801 (Not Pictured) which had a DNC and a PPC non copying lead plus had a 2B, B, HB, H, blue and red lead. There was also a HP802 (Not Pictured) which had a DNC and PPC non copying lead plus red, blue, brown, orange, yellow and green 2mm lead. The HP803 Super Multi 8 pictured above appears to be the top of the line, three ball point pens and five leads. You have black, blue and red fine point ball pens, red pencil lead, pink and yellow fluorescent leads, PPC non copy lead and a standard HB lead. All this in a light weight multi pencil/pen body. The HP803 has the standard clutch action for advancing the lead just like standard 2mm pencils. When you advance the ballpoint pens only the point comes out. As with many 2mm pencils the HP803 must be turned upside down to retract. Great item for Pentel and multi pen/pencil collectors and it works great.Posted by Picasa

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