Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More BIC Pens

Here we are with some new BIC pens. These are 1.6mm BIC Cristal pens. You get 25 pens in a reusable plastic coin bank that is in the shape of a BIC pen. These pens are wide, 1.6mm is large for any pen but I have never seen a BIC Cristal this wide. The wide point is very smooth. Some Staples stores in the southwest part of the US have these. These pens come with plastic over the tips just like Jetpens. Been giving some away so if anybody would like to try one e-mail me at moose@hot.rr.com.

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  1. Hello,
    I purchased a set of these at a Staples here in Upstate NY the other day on clearance for $3.00. They have to be about the smoothest ball point ever.

  2. I saw these just last week, I wasn't sure if I wanted the pens or the bank more! And to Keith, what a great clearance price!

  3. Our Staples here in Killeen does not have them so I paid more the $3.00. They are great pens.