Tuesday, November 13, 2018

New Parker Jotter

It is finally here. The new larger Parker Jotter. Here are my three sizes. The small Jotter that was used on the TV show Mad Men. Made for the smaller lady's hand. Then the Jotter we all know and love. One the right is the new larger Jotter. There are four different colors in the larger Jotters. This one is grey.

The new larger Jotter will fit in nice with the rest of the group. Add all these new Jotters to your collection.


  1. I know some of your jotters are the new plastic thread type and some are brass,how much you get for the brass threaded jotters? And I like the cap-activated Parker's like the 45,61,15 etc, you have any if those?

  2. I will check and see if I have any around. I gave up looking for brass thread or plastic and went looking for color. I think my 45s are our on some TV or movie. I keep many of the threaded ones around because some Prop Masters want the real deal.