Sunday, November 11, 2018

KACO Fountain Pen

October Pen World magazine had a short piece on this pen. The pen is from China but it got here to Texas real quick. Has everything that is in the picture. The orange is very nice and I have ordered another one. The pen was under $12.00.

The pen has a hooded nib which I like. Will put some ink in it as soon as I finish up some of the other fountain pens on my desk. Add one to your collection.


  1. Would you care to share a link for ordering?
    thanks in advance

  2. The best way is to just search KACO fountain pens on eBay. That's how I found them.

  3. I have the "green" one (aka, the turquoise one). Nice, wet nib, though more of a Western sizing than Japanese. Super nice; my new daily carry!

  4. My second one is the green/turquoise one. Good little pen.