Thursday, December 22, 2016

Papermates, Need More Room

Top two rows of this case are all Papermates. The two movies that were renting pens have both returned them to the Supply Room. I have added a few new ones so I am running out of room. Bottom row left has three non working Papermate Holiday pens.The rest of the row are Profiles and Caprices. All of them work.

 I cleared out some BIC pens so I could add more Papermate Pens. Top row are Malibu and Contour pens. Bottom row are 98s and more Holidays. All the pens in this case work. The three loose pens are in the daily rotation. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Hi. I love your pen collection. Quick question, what's the difference between papermate malibu and papermate piggyback? Is it just the logo on the clip?

  2. I believe the same. The piggyback was in reference to the refill which was just two little refills piggybacked on each other. Same amount of ink.

  3. Hi. Do you have any tu tone Malibu pens for sale? Thanks