Friday, December 16, 2016

Papermate Malibu Pen

Here are my Papermate Malibu pens at the time I wrote this post. I have more on hand because I opened the pens that I showed on 10 December Papermate and Sheaffer pen and pencil post. The reason I have so few of these pens is that I have three sets out on movies. Two sets are to be returned and one was sold. Malibu are very collectible and are still fun to use. Refills are still made. These are all in very good condition. Add them all to your collection.


  1. Three this year. One is called Flock of Four, another is a Matt Damon movie called Suburbicon and a third was being filmed in Detroit but I do not know the name.

  2. Would you have a malibu piggyback pen in white/beige for sale?

  3. Would happen to have NOS Paper Mate Malibu Lilac pens for sale?

    Did they have other different shades of purple available for the Paper Mate Malibu pen? If yes, do you have them for sale?