Tuesday, March 8, 2016

New BICs Again

It was a real surprise today when I checked the mail and found a package from England. Inside the package was a collection of BIC 4 Ways that I did not have. Here we have nine new 4 Ways for the collection.

The BIC 4 ways came in these nice large BIC 4 way display cases. Each large BIC holds nine BIC 4 Way pens.

Some of these are key BIC 4 ways including the metallic gold and the four set of Star Wars BIC 4 Ways.

 Here are three BIC Smart-Tip stylus tip pens. You start with this nice plastic case that contains a orange fine point pen and a replaceable bottom barrel that has a stylus on the end. Yes you can still use the pen with the stylus tip barrel. Adding these three we get a total of 12 new BICs for the collection.

 I was so surprised to see these sets and I do not think they will be in your local Office Depot. If you can find one add it to your collection and to my friends in England thank you for the pens.


  1. I think you might have forgotten about the shiny red barrel 4 way pen? It makes 13?